Medical Device that Cools Tummy, Pancreas & Core Affecting Insulin Production

Research indicates that a cooler core results in changes of insulin production

The Ideatech Diabetic Mouse

Intended to provide a cooling core effect, the electronic diabetic mouse relies on a thermo-electric chip and a switch to cool the contact surface of the device.

The base of the mouse is placed over the navel and moved around the belly for about fifteen minutes. When the diabetic mouse is turned on, it gets very cold in seconds. The user can control the cooling of the base by turning the mouse on and off. Key research indicates that there is more production of the insulin by the pancreas when pancreas is well cooled. Core temperature rises after eating, so one intended effective time to use the device is after food consumption, during the initial digestion process.

This product is also useful for recovery from prostate surgery, appendix removal, and any other abdominal surgery. It relieves you from itching at the incision, the burning sensation, and swelling at the incision. Moreover, when you cool the muscle cells, you return critical enzymes to an active state, assisting to relieve a muscle’s state of fatigue. Additional research also includes the impact of cooling testicles for the purpose of increasing sperm count.

Testing and research on the diabetic mouse are continuing at IdeaTech to verify the effectiveness of the device for future plans of patent and production.

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