Taking Your Idea & Making it Work

Proto-typing determines the practicality of the invention idea. Our consultants will provide valuable input and walk you through the prototype process to maximize insight of design, testing, patenting, UAL approval, and FDA approval.

Draw it Up

At Ideatech, all of our inventions began with the use of simple pen to paper. We will help you to draw up the input/output parameters to initiate the build and programming of required microprocessors. We help to make sure that you have fewer trips “back to the drawing board” whether that drawing board is pen and paper or schematic on your computer.

Microprocessor Programming

Our C++ and assembly programmers take the design requirements to dictate the microprocessor and software tasks to achieve the desired output. The unit is tested and reconfigured through quality assurance to overcome and correct unanticipated features and output.

Prototype Build

Once the microprocessors are programmed, we begin the breadboard build to bring the idea to practical reality with all required electronic components and begin testing the input and output. We introduce variables to ensure practical intended use. We approach the prototype build by addressing and re-addressing the testing results to finetune the device to reach a successful output with all applied variables. In this step, we take an idea and finish building a product that works.

At Ideatech, we build prototypes from scratch. It takes time to come up with a better design for a prototype. Electronics is involved. Software is involved. And also, our communication with you is involved in every step of the way.

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