BioMedical, Mechanical, Electronic, Medical Device Engineering

At IdeaTech, we take inventions in the BioMedical and Electronics industry through the entire process, from idea to a manufactured product to the public for innovative medical device breakthroughs. We provide critical expertise and experience whether you need help with just one step or many getting through this process.

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Core Research Services

Our Ph.D. credential research team pour through internet and informatics data and statistics for viability, competition, and more.  We use our connections with universities and in private companies to follow through on all stages of the invention process from a prototype, provisional patents, market research, clinical testing, and potential project funding. The biomedical field is a primary focus of our services, and our consulting service includes assistance in clinical testing. This is an expensive process for both time and monetary investment requiring expertise in streamlining and supervising the on-going clinical trials while analyzing the results and providing incremental reports. For more detail Click Here.

Guidance for FDA Approval

The FDA process is very involved requiring a significant list of required forms, extensive clinical data, and a trip to Washington D.C. We will fill-out Pre-IDE, IDE and PMA forms for the FDA approval on your behalf and guide you through the process. Ideatech will be with you from the start to finish.

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