Biomedical Products in Development

The following research & patent-pending products that Ideatech is involved at present:

Research Projects

Detection of the Brain Magnetic Signals:

EEG signal is used to detect a variety of abnormal brain-related diseases. The placement of the electrodes on the scalp follows standard and non-standard practices. The research is centered on the person’s thought processes and thereby its detection of the corresponding generated EEG signal.


Biological Effects of the Electromagnetic Field Radiation from the RF Signals:

There are a lot of factors that needed to be considered for the interaction such as dose of radiation, type of radiation, type of cell, and time interval of the exposure. The exposure may be due to radon gas, wireless transmissions, microwave ovens, environmental sources, x-rays, and nuclear medicine.

Ideatech is mainly concerned with the RF radio and TV transmissions and is collecting data from several sources, interpreting it and compiling it in a database.

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