Your Idea, Your Invention, Obtain a Provisional Patent

At Ideatech, we work on our in-house inventions and patents, and we also offer assistance to inventors trying to get their idea off the ground. That assistance is offered in the form of prototyping, testing, and guidance in obtaining a provisional patent.

Our areas of expertise in bringing products to market are:

Call us if you have an idea or an invention and you are looking for help. We are located in Columbus, Ohio and we can guide you through each step and provide you with valuable information to get your project off the ground. This includes guidance in taking the critical step of obtaining a provisional patent to protect the intellectual property of your valuable inventon idea.

The advantages of obtaining a provisional patent application are:

  • Lower cost  as you develop your idea prior to obtaining a utility patent
  • Ease of preparation
  • Ability to use the term “Patent Pending”
  • Establishing an early filing date

If you would like personal assistance from Ideatech staff in your completing and filing the Provisional Patent in matters of technical information/content, not any legal information/content, e-mail your request or Call us at 614-584-9159.

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