Revolutionary Remote Health Monitor & Communication Device

Not just measuring the existence of vital signs, but also elevation… even during road rage

Perhaps you know someone that suffers from a slight case of road rage now and again. When it occurs, heart rate, blood flow and anxiety levels are elevated. While regular elevated levels of stress are considered unhealthy for anyone, for someone with a heart condition or other related illness, it can be even more damaging. Whether it is road rage, stress at work, even severe physiological signs of depression or anxiety, imagine being alerted to the state of your loved one on a real time basis when it occurs.

Health effects of elevated physiological stress

A quick search for evidence of the negative effects of high levels of stress on your body, longevity, and general well being results in support from a plethora of reports from the most prestigious international institutions, including The American Physiological Association. In an article on their site entitled “How Stress Affects Your Health“, a single quote sums it up very simply. “ Sometimes stress can be a positive force, motivating you to perform well at your piano recital or job interview. But often — like when you’re stuck in traffic — it’s a negative force. If you experience stress over a prolonged period of time, it could become chronic.

The chronic effects of elevated stress levels not only affect your mood ad those around you, there is also significant evidence of increased for numerous conditions including heart disease and more. When you are someone you love is experiencing any physiological condition or disease, one of the best assisting treatments is a strong base of support. One of the purposes of a remote health monitoring system is to alert a loved one of the daily conditions of stress, as well as other physical ailments, to either address later in the day, or in severe circumstance, call for emergency medical attention when otherwise nobody would know.

Remote Health Monitor Device Detecting Elevated or Absence of Bio Signs

The idea is controversial and impractical for some, but sometimes knowing the vital signs and condition of a loved one can not only mean correction for longevity, but the difference between life and death. The innovative device in the stage of prototype by Ideatech Consulting monitors vital signs and broadcasts on an FCC approved frequency for immediate alert. The emotional and the physical condition of the loved one beyond a threshold is sent over via wireless transmission and intercepted with an integrated app for notification via smartphone.

The prototype consists of a wearable monitoring device that includes sensors and transmission components for interception and integration within a wireless network. So if a loved one wearing the device is a person experiencing elevated road-rage, is a child in trouble, is elderly, or is someone with a diagnosed illness, you will be alerted instantly through an app on your cell phone. The goal is to provide an option to not only to save a life under the circumstance of significant duress but also to extend life by providing actual data on someone you love.

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